Astro Quiz – Friday 13th!

We are really chuffed to announce that after months of haggling, and spending literally nothing on expenses, we have again secured the services of MichaelMorris as the SGL Grand Astro-Quiz Meister!

Michael says:

SGL Quiz

The Astro Quiz will take place on Friday evening immediately after everyone has replenished their glasses after scoffing down an excellent curry!

The quiz will consist of 5 rounds of 10 questions each round, plus a picture round. Please organise yourselves into teams, we suggest one team per table. Anyone found taking the quiz even the tiniest bit seriously will be given detention and will not be allowed to play marbles at playtime!

The top prize is the smug satisfaction of knowing that your team knew slightly more obscure, useless, vaguely astronomy-related facts than the drunk people on table next to you!

MichaelMorris – SGL Grand QuizMeister