• On Arrival - Please ensure you book in and collect your welcome packs
  • Welcome - Come and say 'Hi' at the welcome tent - Grant and Daz should be hanging around there most of the time so if you need any help, assistance or just fancy a brew, come and say hi!
  • If you are arriving late or cannot make it, please let Lucksall know!


Come along and meet some of the Admin/Mod team and join in the SGL Quiz and Curry night! Held in the café , from 5:30pm, it's a chance to meet your fellow campers and start the weekend with a great evening's entertainment!

You don't need to buy a ticket to join in the quiz, but please, only drinks bought at the bar can be consumed in the caf‌é

To get your Curry tickets, head over to the SGL Shop...

  • 17:30 - Cafe - Curry Night
  • 18:30ish - Cafe - Quiz - this will happen once everyone has had their curry so the time is a little flexible. If you're not having curry, please do pop up and join in the cafe has a great selection of beers and ciders to sample! Thanks to @michaelmorris for buying our quiz master extraordinaire!


  • 2019 Itinerary is in planning!
  • 17:30 - Welcome Tent - Hog Roast!!!


  • 2019 Itinerary is in planning!
  • 13:30 - Cafe - Sunday Roast